Live at Groove (Naples, Italy)


Lady Be Good (George Gershwin)
Jinjoo Yoo Trio at Groove, Mar 16th 2018
Piano – JinJoo Yoo
Guitar – Ki-hong Jang
Bass – Dustin Kiselbach

 Another video at a concert in the Naples Italy. The video quality of this one is quite poor.. Zoom q4’s recording performance in dark room is really bad.. also failed to find a good place to put my camera. Furthermore, Jinjoo had too use electric keyboard, Dustin was having hard time a local musician’s bass that had a different setup from he used to play and I was playing using PI system not amplifier.

When the place started being packed and when I saw audiences who came there spend there night, it made me want to play so much. This song ‘Lady Be Good’ is one of my favorites. Every time I play this song, I really try to imagine the sound the band that Lester Young, Freddie Green and Count Basie played together. Especially playing as a rhythm guitar player is one of the most joyful thing for me.


Live at Zita Pi 87

These are parts of the concert at the Zita Pi 78 in Athens. I really appreciate to the audiences who were there for me to have a beautiful experience playing for them. Also it was a valuable learning experience.


JinJoo Yoo – Piano
Kihong Jang – Guitar
Dustin Kiselbach – Bass

Jinjoo Yoo Trio at Zita Pi 87 – You Do Something To Me


Jinjoo Yoo Trio at Zita Pi 87 – I’m In The Mood For Love