Shrine Duo 20180723 PDF

Jazz Duo at Shrine



Brunch Concert at Poesie Cafe


1986 Wine

Kihong Jang Duo at 1986 Wine Lounge


Live at Groove (Naples, Italy)


Lady Be Good (George Gershwin)
Jinjoo Yoo Trio at Groove, Mar 16th 2018
Piano – JinJoo Yoo
Guitar – Ki-hong Jang
Bass – Dustin Kiselbach

 Another video at a concert in the Naples Italy. The video quality of this one is quite poor.. Zoom q4’s recording performance in dark room is really bad.. also failed to find a good place to put my camera. Furthermore, Jinjoo had too use electric keyboard, Dustin was having hard time a local musician’s bass that had a different setup from he used to play and I was playing using PI system not amplifier.

When the place started being packed and when I saw audiences who came there spend there night, it made me want to play so much. This song ‘Lady Be Good’ is one of my favorites. Every time I play this song, I really try to imagine the sound the band that Lester Young, Freddie Green and Count Basie played together. Especially playing as a rhythm guitar player is one of the most joyful thing for me.