International Baku Jazz Competition

Kihong visited Baku, Azerbaijan to participate an international jazz competition. He won a prize and had interview with the Azerbaijan national broadcasting system. Translation Interviewer: “My interviewee Ki-hong Jang, who won the 3rd prize in the instrumental competition, is originally from Korea. But he is continuing his creative activity in the United States.” Ki-hong JangContinue reading “International Baku Jazz Competition”

Article by David A. Orthmann Kihong Jang‘s debut record as a leader is the antithesis of the hectic, anxious character of many contemporary jazz releases. The guitarist’s unassuming approach contains an impressive degree of depth and certainty for a young musician. The disc’s six tracks offer affably swinging sounds that aren’t particularly knotty, convoluted or strained. Original compositions, choiceContinue reading “Article by David A. Orthmann”