‘We Love Ella’

On May 16th, I had an opportunity accompanying performers from Drew University’s Department of Theatre and Dance at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.

It was a big pleasure being part of an event celebrating the great singer Ella Fitzgerald and accompanying a group of performers.

This performance was conducted by Marion Cowings.




This young man creates wonderful music, free and easy as goldfish in a pond.

He’s Kihong Jang, a guitarist with a quiet compelling lyricism.  This post is to celebrate the release of his debut CD, out on Gut String Records.

And it’s delightful.  Before you read another syllable, listen to this:

Isn’t that delicious?

The session was recorded in late October 2018 — how very fresh! — and it features Kihong on the guitar you see here, JinJoo Yoo on piano, Neal Miner on string bass, Jimmy Wormworth on drums, performing YOU BROUGHT A NEW KIND OF MUSIC TO ME / GOLDFISH, GOLDFISH! / FLAMINGO / LESLIE / GENEALOGY / GOLDFISH, GOLDFISH! in an alternate take.

FLAMINGO, LESLIE, and the title track are Kihong’s compositions; the others are by JinJoo, Kihong’s musical and life partner.  And for those who quail at a CD of “originals,” several of these compositions…

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Kihong Jang

Kihong’s First EP <They Brought A New Kind of Music To Me> has just released!

I am so happy to announce that my first debut EP ‘They Brought A New Kind Of Music To Me’ is released!

I owe a lot of inspirations to all of jazz musicians who enlightened me with their beautiful music. I learned how to appreciate and deeply listen to this music from you all!!

My heroJimmy Wormworthplayed drums and the one and onlyNeal Minerplayed bass in this recording. My best friend/pianist/(and also)loveJinJoo Yooplayed white and black keys.

P.S Now CD’s are available for online stores also on major streaming services(Apple music, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora etc..!)CD baby : https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kihongjang

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